Sally-Anne Thomson

Registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Mobile: 0274 408847

I can offer you a respectful, quiet, confidential space where you can talk about whatever is troubling you. I work with people to help them make lasting changes, find personal empowerment and overcome their problems.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Issues facing the LGBTI community
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Work related difficulties
  • Sexual abuse
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual concerns
  • Psychiatric issues.

My approach and expertise

I am kind, warm, sensitive, honest, and open in my approach. I work collaboratively in a straightforward manner. I offer an opportunity to talk in privacy about anything. My approach is primarily based upon psychodynamic and humanistic ideas, but I may also integrate some mindfulness based cognitive therapy, with a focus on new skills. My aim is to help you to find a life that is satisfying and enjoyable.

I work with a wide range of people facing diverse issues and circumstances. This might include sudden and unexpected difficulty and loss, and it may include longer term struggles. I support people to address both their immediate difficulties and also patterns of behaviour which they hope to change.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a collaborate process. It is built upon the idea that many of our current problems are linked to events from our past, often related to our early important relationships. During therapy together we gently explore your past. We think about how these events might be impacting how you live now and help you to become conscious of these links between the past and present. This supports you to think about the future that you might want. I believe that from within this safe therapeutic relationship you may find new choices and real and lasting change.

I am happy to work with you on a longer term or short-term basis depending upon what will best suit you.


Masters of Psychotherapy with honours (First Class) (Auckland University of Technology)

Bachelor of Counselling (WelTec University)

Background and experience

I joined Eden Practice in 2017. In the five years before this, I worked therapeutically with clients at the New Zealand Aids Foundation, with a particular focus on gender and sexuality issues, and with clients at the AUT Psychotherapy clinic.

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